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Victorian Tea 2016

A grand time was had by all - at the Victorian Tea 2016. 

Victorian Tea 2017 August 12

Tickets $15.00

Call the church for ticket info 905-987-5044.  


Annual St. Patty Pot Luck enjoyed by all.





On the occasion of the 6th SMSSAFF North America Conference held in Toronto, Canada on August 7-10, 2014, the conference participants went on a sort of pilgrimage to St. George's Church, New Castle Canada. This church was where Bishop Charles Henry Brent, the first resident Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States [ECUSA] in the Philippines started his illustrious career as a: Soldier of Christ; A Servant of Humanity; An Apostle of Christian Unity; and Bishop of the Philippine Islands, 1901-1918. Bishop Brent presided over a missionary undertaking which had profound influence on the lives of the non-Christian Tribes of Northern Philippines [also known as Ka-Igorotan, and the Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines (CAR)] where majority of St. Mary's School of Sagada [SMSS] alumni trace their ethnic roots. This video presentation consists of selected video clips on that pilgrimage.