Celebration of New Ministry - Induction Service

Celebration of New Ministry - Induction Service

A special Celebration of New Ministry was held at St. George’s Church in Newcastle on Sunday, October 21st, to install Rev. Greg Fiennes-Clinton as the new Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Newcastle (Clarke).  The ceremony was presided over by The Right Reverend Riscylla Shaw and was well attended with many friends of Fr. Greg visiting from the Toronto area.  Following tradition, several visiting clergy from neighbouring parishes attended. 

Front Row (L-R) : Tim Yates, Rev. Gloria Masters (Norwood), Allan Devonish, Rev. Augusto Nunez (Orono), Rev. Margaret Tandy (Port Hope), Rev. Barbara Russell Deacon (Grafton), Rev Greg Fiennes-Clinton, Rt. Rev Riscylla Shaw, Rev. Keith Joyce (Brighton).

Second Row (L-R) : Rev. Canon Tim Foley (Bowmanville), Joshua Mostert, Rev. Canon Susan Sheen (Bowmanville), Rev. Carol Langley (Streetsville), Rev. Randy Murray (Port Hope), Rev. Canon Ann Smith (Port Hope), Rt. Rev. Michael Bedford-Jones, Rev. Jesse Parker (Regional Dean). 


ACW Year End Outing at the Snug

Annual outing took place on Monday June 18th, 2018 to celebrate the contributions of the members of the ACW.

Pictured: Back Row L-R: Eleanor Henderson, Nicole Horrocks, Helen Vatandoust, Deborah Leslie, Jackie Ricketts, Julia Lindsey, Mary Thorley, Lynne Holmes. Front Row L-R: Margery Freethy (President), Pearl Hopson, Lynne Hannah, Ruth Hern, Carol Beeton.

*Photo submitted by D. Leslie


ACW President Margery Freethy and Bishop Riscylla

Woman's Day of Reflection.

Come and enjoy a meal with us at our many Luncheons and Dinners.

Come and enjoy a meal with us at our many Luncheons and Dinners.


On the occasion of the 6th SMSSAFF North America Conference held in Toronto, Canada on August 7-10, 2014, the conference participants went on a sort of pilgrimage to St. George's Church, New Castle Canada. This church was where Bishop Charles Henry Brent, the first resident Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States [ECUSA] in the Philippines started his illustrious career as a: Soldier of Christ; A Servant of Humanity; An Apostle of Christian Unity; and Bishop of the Philippine Islands, 1901-1918. Bishop Brent presided over a missionary undertaking which had profound influence on the lives of the non-Christian Tribes of Northern Philippines [also known as Ka-Igorotan, and the Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines (CAR)] where majority of St. Mary's School of Sagada [SMSS] alumni trace their ethnic roots. This video presentation consists of selected video clips on that pilgrimage.