A note about the Clergy

Fr Anthony.jpg

The Rev Canon Anthony Jemmott


Interim Priest in Charge

Canon Jemmott’s time at St. George’s is to facilitate a smooth transition to a full time pastoral care for St. George’s.

He is officially retired from fulltime parish ministry and has been in ordained parish ministry for over forty years.  His ministry started in his native Barbados, then briefly in the Diocese of Virginia; and the last 36 years in the Anglican Church of Canada [Diocese of Montreal and since 2001 in the Diocese of Toronto].

While administration has become less and less of a focus, it is really only one small part of ministry.  He shares the view of a growing number of Christians who feel that the churches do not often spend their quality time on the teachings of Nazareth; but more on structures.  He feels that effective mission is a partnership with the wider community; and requires us to remember that Jesus is given for the world and not just the church.  Thus the message of Jesus has to take form within each culture; but no one [even Western] culture must assume that it is synonymous with ‘Christian Identity’.  We should not be surprised to hear words attributed to Jesus when disciples came upon people helping people with addictions and were surprised.  He said to them ‘the one who is not for me is against me’ [Matthew 12:30].